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This new patented design will provide outstanding recoil reduction and dramatically decrease the amount of noise that traditional muzzle brakes emit. In traditional muzzle brakes some of the gas impinges on the opening surfaces on the muzzle brake itself and is reflected back at the shooter. This cleverly engineered combination of a chamber, channels and gas holes facilitates the dispersion of gases away from the muzzle and the shooter thus reducing the noise level. The Masterbrakes meet the highest standards of quality and workmanship and are made from .416 Stainless Steel or Stress Proof Carbon Steel. Both are heat treated for superior
strength and
long service life.
Hunters have been asking for
this type of muzzle brake for years.
Now there is a choice for the hunter who wants to use their muzzle brake in the field without anticipating the noise level of the traditional brakes. Whether it be on a guided safari or an enclosed deer stand, the HuntersBrake will drastically decrease the sound level. This revolutionary brake is like nothing the shooting industry has seen before! It was designed and patented by George Vais from the ground up for its sound controlling effectiveness without sacrificing any of its high level of recoil reduction. Most magnum rifles will record a sound level of approximately 160 decibels with no muzzle brake installed. The average muzzle brake will increase this sound level by 11 to 15 decibels. By comparison, the sound increase with our HuntersBrake is only about 3 decibels for the big magnum calibers like .300 Ultra Magnums. The sound increase for the smaller magnums in the 7mm Mgnum class and the Non-Magnums will also be approximately 3 to 4 decibels. The HuntersBrakes are either reducible or non-reducible in outside diameter. See product chart for details.
Active Tuning Solutions’ muzzle brakes are manufactured with precise machining to enable the installation to be accomplished with a flush seamless fit. This can only be achieved with the reducible muzzle brakes. Please see product list for specifications.
For superior performance, muzzle brakes can be installed with a tapered design that gives a classic fit with higher recoil reduction. These muzzle brakes have improved recoil reduction due to the larger chamber and a greater material mass.
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