In 2000 Johnny Glueck decided to start a small business camouflaging hunting equipment because he had trouble trying to find someone to camo his own equipment. This business evolved to include trigger work, bedding and floating, re-barreling, and recoil reduction. During the course of business Johnny used the services and advice of George Vais in Boise, Idaho. The relationship grew as George admired Johnny’s extreme detail and precise workmanship. George’s health began to decline and he decided to retire and return to his native Greece. Before his departure George wanted to train Johnny in many of his skills and knowledge of Gunsmithing for over 25 years. To make the passing of his legacy complete Active Tuning Solutions purchased two muzzle brake patents and related equipment from George. Explore our web site to learn more about our products and services. And as always, contact us with any questions.


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